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Empowering parents through education and support to adopt strategies that improve behavior and build self-esteem.

You may already know that imposing consequences and controls can backfire with your child. But you wonder what other options you have . . . and how to recover the pure love that inspired you to be a parent.

Here is your answer!

If we treat children with respect, we encourage them to find their significance and sense of belonging in positive ways. Through a love-based model of parenting called Beyond Consequences, we help build self-esteem and strengthen relationships.

Where did we get the idea that in order to get children to do better, we have to first make them feel worse? Children do better when they feel better. And though punishment may stop behavior for the moment, the long-term results are usually negative—rebellion, resentment, revenge or retreat into sneakiness or low self-esteem. 

Instead of trying to control an oppositional child, you will find you can influence your child. You will begin to build a trusting relationship as you learn to respond to the underlying needs of your misbehaving child. You will learn how to ignore the behavior and connect with your child. Traditional parenting techniques do not recognize the fear, stress and shame that fuel negative behaviors. With your new insight you will be able to act with compassion and love instead of fear and anger and your child will begin to respond with more positive behavior.