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Meredith Mustard

Meredith with her children

When Meredith and her husband became foster parents to a 5 year old boy who had been profoundly neglected, they believed that if they loved him enough, things would “just get better.” She didn’t know what she was getting into. With a grown daughter out on her own and doing well, she wanted to be helpful to a child in transition for what she expected to be a couple of months.

Almost 2 years later they adopted their healing child.  But they found that he didn’t “just get better.”  Theirs is the story of how 2 foster parents learned to become therapeutic parents, and how their traumatized son learned to respond.  Today he is 13 years old.

Meredith’s experiences working with children with autism, facilitating art groups with homeless children and fostering & adopting her son spurred her on to learn about healing from childhood trauma. She has participated in many intensive courses and researched relationship-building parenting models. Experiencing success in her own family motivated her to become a parenting coach. She has supported and encouraged many struggling parents, sharing her experience, insights and skills in seminars, classes, and individual coaching sessions.  View the list of current parenting class offerings.

Meredith draws inspiration from
John Bowlby
Alfie Kohn
Heather Forbes
Bryan Post
Brene Brown
Rudolf Dreikurs
Bruce Perry
Daniel A. Hughes
Carl Rogers
Alice Miller
Temple Grandin