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Making art is an adventure into the unknown. I love found-art and outsider art. I think art outside of the mainstream is a piece of a puzzle, part of the mystery of being human. Art is a conversation we have with ourselves. Art is therapeutic. Art is healing.

Original paintings by Meredith Mustard

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Calligraphic art by Meredith Mustard

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Artist Statement: I am primarily a painter. I paint mostly with acrylic paint on wood panels, but also use gouache, watercolor and tempera paints. I also sculpt, print, collage and make artist books. I graduated from The Cooper Union in NYC with a BFA focused in painting and calligraphy. I worked as an award-winning graphic designer for 20 years.

I left graphic design to devote my creative energy to painting.  Although I have a classic art education, I consider myself an intuitive painter. I figured out early in my life that I could draw and paint anything I could see with my eyes. I set out to create something that was beyond that; something hidden to me.

Before I moved to Pennsylvania in 2004, I was represented by Hang Gallery in San Francisco.