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From Fear to Love, A Parenting Class

If typical parenting strategies are not working with your children, maybe it is time to go Beyond Consequences, Logic & Control.

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Moving from FEAR to LOVE class flyer

When traditional parenting techniques fail, or make things worse, we often feel overwhelmed and hopeless. This happens because most parenting techniques are fear-based.  Too often these techniques simply create more fear in the parent-child relationship which can result in chaotic and unsafe homes.

Here is your answer!

Learn a new ground-breaking approach that has helped even the most difficult family situations find stability and healing. In the process gain the support of other parents who understand how difficult it can be!  The “Beyond Consequences” technique has helped families find the healing that they have been looking for after years of “trying everything and nothing worked”.


524 Sproul Road
Villanova, PA 19085

Course rate: $325
Contact me for more information.
Discount if both parents take class.
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$50 deposit to enroll.

Struggling with behavior problems? Walking on eggshells around angry and oppositional children?