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 “This training has convinced me to “unlearn” everything I have been taught about parenting. Implementing only a fraction of what I have learned in the last five weeks has already made a difference in our home.” –parent

♥ “Meredith has made a big difference for many parents who are struggling with the parenting of their children with behavioral problems due to early abandonment, neglect, and/or trauma.

As an attachment therapist who works primarily with families of adoption, I have found that she has streamlined and facilitated the therapeutic process for parents of children with traumatic backgrounds by laying the foundation for understanding and effective communication with their children.  After taking Meredith’s parenting class, my clients are much more able to grasp the tools and attitudes they need to be effective “therapeutic parents.”

Meredith has inspired me with her constant pursuit of knowledge as a parent and a teacher. She is constantly studying, learning, growing , and evolving.  She consistently works to be the best parent she can be, and she is a wonderful model for other parents, supportive, empathetic, nurturing, and deeply caring, yet able to set healthy boundaries.

Meredith is able to think very clearly about children with early hurts and their behavioral issues, and she is able to communicate those ideas to parents in a way that they can hear.”

—Dianne C. Kuchlak, MSS, LCSW
Attachment Therapy and Family Counseling
Exton, PA

♥ “Meredith is a non-controlling, encouraging, instructor. Her insight, care, concern, help and openness was very helpful.” –parent

♥ “I found the sessions to be extremely helpful. The combination of an opportunity for me to simply download all the mushed up worry, concern, aggravation and despair as well as some very helpful pointers from you about how to reframe a lot of what has been going on. The balance of listening, emphasizing and suggesting from you worked for me. I really got the sense that you knew what I was talking about, and your willingness to share from your own experience really gave me that feeling in the moment. I also appreciated that I did not get the feeling that you had “been there and done that”, that it was all in the past, but rather that you had worked through a lot and that you are continually finding ways to think about and work with what your son brings to your family. The freshness of your thinking and engagement with the material you offered, from Dan Hughes, or the Positive Discipline piece, made it very accessible and appealing.” –coaching client

♥ “Support from other parents going through similar challenges makes a big difference.” –parent

♥ “I enjoyed our conversation very much. I always appreciate your insight.  When I talked about the critical incidents we’ve had, you reminded me how much of that could be better when the parents are in a state of calm and able to be empathic. You remind me also to take a look at my son’s positive qualities and build a positive story that I need to start telling.

A ‘trauma coach’ would’ve helped so much right from the start of adopting because there is so much even from Day 1 that we parents can be doing to nurture. Our world was turned upside down when we adopted two children at once.  We went into survival mode.  We set up schedules and worked with doctors and professionals of all sorts to help our children catch up physically and in speech and to begin to learn the ropes of American life. That work needed to be done but there was no one coaching us on building a relationship with our traumatized kids.  So many things we could’ve done that would’ve made it easier at 16 months and 3 years and later. I wonder if there is a book on what to do each month and year after you adopt to build the attachment — a guide to healing.   But even if there were a book, we would’ve needed a coach!” –coaching client

♥ “The sessions were quite informative. I could take what I learned that day and apply it right away.” –parent

♥ “I cannot begin to describe how much I have learned not only about parenting but about myself as well. I am so much more comfortable handling situations that arise because now I understand why the behaviors arise.” –parent