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Hear Me Speak at the Pennsylvania Permanency Conference!

On Thursday, July 11th 2013 at 3:45pm I will be speaking at the 21st Annual Pennsylvania Permanency Conference at the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center. In just under two hours I will be tackling the subject of transforming difficult behaviors without employing rewards or consequences. Yes, indeed I shall! And, you should be there.

To give you a more thorough peek into my talk, here are some highlights that I’ll be sharing:

  • Brain sensitivity resulting from trauma
  • Amygdala reactivity
  • Link between feelings of shame and unworthiness & negative behavior
  • Building self esteem with encouragement
  • Strengthening the bond & building a secure base even with older children
  • The value of playfulness in attachment
  • Contol vs. influence-changing opposition to cooperation
  • parenting strategies that strengthen attachment

To register, CLICK HERE.


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